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Where To Find Surveys

survey2 6 200x200 - Where To Find Surveys

The increase in the number and variety of online surveys over the last few years is down to one reason, for the most part. Companies have become conscious over time that they can only rely so much on customer brand loyalty and that, if other companies begin to offer the people more of what they want, a market share will naturally fall. This is not cynical and has nothing to do with fickleness on the part of the consumer, rather it has everything to do with people’s […]

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The Benefits of Online Surveys for Companies

survey2 8 200x200 - The Benefits of Online Surveys for Companies

The increasing popularity of online surveys has been a clear trend in the last few years, with people queuing up to answer questions about things as diverse as television viewing habits to sporting affiliations and eating habits. This has been a way for companies to learn something about the people to whom they are trying to sell. The more a company knows about its target market, the more effectively they can sell their products and market research has even led to the creation of new products, as […]

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How To Answer An Online Survey

survey2 9 200x200 - How To Answer An Online Survey

A typical online survey will be extremely straightforward, but it is still important to pay attention to how you respond to one, as the way you answer an early question can affect the overall nature of those you are asked as the survey goes on. When you open the survey from the website it will be accompanied by a brief explanatory section explaining how long the survey should take, how many categories there are in it, and how many questions you will have to answer. The reason […]

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Getting Paid Just For Giving Your Opinion?

survey2 16 200x200 - Getting Paid Just For Giving Your Opinion?

The online survey has become a big tool for businesses in recent years. There is something about the anonymity of the Internet that makes people a lot more honest – at least, outside the realms of chat rooms, anyway – and honesty is a rare commodity in the world of marketing research. When you think about it, would you give your honest opinion to someone who stopped you in the street and asked you potentially leading questions – especially if you had somewhere else to be. Online […]

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Your Place In Market Research

survey2 17 200x200 - Your Place In Market Research

A lot of people do not understand why market research, and particularly online surveys, pay out good money for the simple transaction of giving your opinion when it is asked for. It does seem like a very strange situation for those of us who spend a bit of time on the Internet anyway. But that is the key point. As an Internet user, you represent part of the market that big companies are aiming for. People who use the Internet are likely to be young enough and […]

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Does Your Opinion Matter?

survey2 18 200x200 - Does Your Opinion Matter?

Many of us will gladly sit and fill in a survey if it is about a subject that we find interesting – we will answer questions on a topic for as long as we are asked, and if we are offered money to do it then we would all jump at the chance. Taking paid surveys online is not quite like this – you have less control over the subject matter than you might ordinarily wish, but you will find that getting paid to fill in these […]

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