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Understanding CPA Marketing

cpa marketing 200x200 - Understanding CPA Marketing

CPA stands for Cost per Action and is a money making business idea within the Internet Marketing world. Unlike other online earning strategies, CPA is said to be more effective and require the least amount of work. Someone who adopts the CPA business role, a CPA marketer, will help companies generate new leads and receive a commission for their efforts. More and more online companies are keen to get their hands on new leads and for this reason they are prepared to pay handsomely for any new […]

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The Power of Public Opinion

survey2 7 200x200 - The Power of Public Opinion

One of the major influences on corporate behavior in this day and age has been the opinion of the public – a pehnomenon known as “people power”. This “people power” can be seen far back throughout time, and right up to the present day. When, some time ago, the Coca-Cola company decided to change the recipe for their flagship beverage, the reaction from the general public was that the move was tantamount to sacrilege. The company quickly changed back to their “classic” product and sales went through […]

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Honesty In Online Surveys

survey2 10 200x200 - Honesty In Online Surveys

There are several ways to fill out a survey. Some people just click randomly to get through the survey and get credit for their opinions as quickly as possible. Others give answers that they would like to be true while still others give the answers they think are supposed to be given. The fact is that it always makes a lot more sense to be honest in an online survey. Quite apart from anything, your gut reaction to such questions is likely to be the most honest […]

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