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CPA And Social Networking

cpa 4 200x200 - CPA And Social Networking

Any novice internet marketer will be interested to hear about all that you can achieve by signing up to a CPA network and letting the money pretty much make itself. However, it is not a good idea to assume that just by signing up to a social network you will immediately guarantee yourself marketing success. This is simply not the case, and you will need to be on the ball to make it work for you in the way the best marketers do. In the present climate, […]

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What Is Freelance Food Writing

freelance writing 2 200x200 - What Is Freelance Food Writing

If you have a good appetite and a way with words, food writing may be a career option to consider. Not only is doing research for food writing one of the more enjoyable tasks in freelance writing, but you’ll never be short of restaurant recommendations and potential free meals — though you may run short of well-fitting pants. To become a successful freelance food writer, you’ll need to know how to describe food well. The key to description, at least in traditional literature, is to make focused, […]

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How to Make Money Freelance Writing for the Gaming Industry

freelance writing 3 200x200 - How to Make Money Freelance Writing for the Gaming Industry

How to Make Money Writing for the Gaming Industry Q: Tell us about your book. BRIAN: Freelance Poker Writing is the first book showing freelance writers how to make money writing for the gaming industry. Q: So it’s not just writing about poker? BRIAN: No, it’s writing for the gaming industry in general. This includes all types of casino-style games. I focus more on poker in my book because it is the most popular game and writers make more money covering poker and the influences of poker. […]

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What Makes A Good CPA Article?

cpa 9 200x200 - What Makes A Good CPA Article?

Affiliate marketing may seem from the outside like a pretty lazy and uncontrolled way of making money – in some ways, it looks like some getting money for sticking a link on their website and simply hoping that people click through on it. While some people will try to make money from affiliate marketing in this lazy way, they won’t usually stick at it for long because you won’t make money if you are not getting click throughs. If you can guarantee more click throughs, you will […]

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How to Launch a Part Time Freelance Writing Career

freelance writing 4 200x200 - How to Launch a Part Time Freelance Writing Career

In the industry of freelancing, among the most in demand are writers. This is especially true with the birth of the Internet, which tripled the need for writers because of the various websites and online content that are constantly being updated. There are actually lots of work a freelance writer can go into especially if they have established the right contacts. Freelance writers are needed for writing online content to boost website viewership. In fact, online content is fast becoming one of the major sources of freelance […]

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How To Give Your Articles More Impact

cpa 10 200x200 - How To Give Your Articles More Impact

When writing articles for a CPA website blog, it is worth considering how you can ensure they are seen by the widest possible audience. People are going to read the content that is presented in the best way, and are going to take the easiest way of finding it. In large part, this means that you should promote your articles by linking to them on a social networking site like Twitter – where you can have an account devoted to the subject of your articles – and […]

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How to Get Lucrative Freelance Writing Assignments

freelance writing 5 200x200 - How to Get Lucrative Freelance Writing Assignments

No matter where you live, landing lucrative writing assignments does not need to be difficult. The secret to a profitable freelance writing career is to start small and build it from there. Another secret you must remember to promote your business on a REGULAR basis. Do not shoot off a few ads or letters, then wait three months before launch another campaign. Promote your business DAILY. So here is your first technique: Approach your local newspaper editor. Ask if they need a freelancer to cover city council, […]

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Freelance Writing From Home The Drawbacks

freelance writing 6 200x200 - Freelance Writing From Home The Drawbacks

The life of a freelance writer isn’t all glitz and glamour. Before you take the plunge into freelance writing at your work-at home career choice, there are a few things to consider. While you can work from home earning money in your pajamas, there are negatives to this career choice. Here’s a list of ten of the common drawbacks of freelance writing. 1. No sick days. Sometimes you have to work while you’re sick. If you don’t, you lose money and maybe a client. Clients aren’t very […]

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What Does CPA Stand For?

cpa 11 200x200 - What Does CPA Stand For?

The huge number of abbreviations related to the Internet can put off a lot of first-timers – and when it comes to Internet Marketing, there are plenty more to be found. You know you’ll need SEO – that’s obvious, right? But do you want to make it work using PPC? It’s a tough question to answer, especially if you don’t know where you’re going to set your ROI levels. What about trying CPA? Could that work for you? If your eyes are rolling back in your head […]

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A Writers Guide to Finding Freelance Writing Jobs

freelance writing 7 200x200 - A Writers Guide to Finding Freelance Writing Jobs

Writers are very much in demand these days because of the rising demands for their online content. The pay is oftentimes better and the hours are not so long. Many even freelance full-time. Freelance writing extends to several different categories. Before you begin looking for work, you’ll have to decide whether or not you want to get credit for your writing. If you insist on a byline, you may have difficulty finding a lot of paying jobs. Byline jobs are out there if you look. However, the […]

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