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Hi, my name’s Stan and on this site I’m curating Private Label Rights (PLR) articles about both working “from” and “at” home. The distinction being that when you work at home, for example, you are doing things that can be done on your home PC, whereas working “from” home could mean you go to someone else’s home or office to do pet minding or cleaning. Either way, if you are not directly billing/invoicing clients, working in the Gig Economy (not as a contractor) and/or doing work managed by a supervisor; then it’s not your own business.

So the content you’ll find here will include things you can do “at” or “from” home to earn a few extra dollars. I’ve divided these up into these categories: Affiliate marketing, Cost Per Action (CPA) marketing, Freelancing, Kindle Publishing (different from selling ebooks on your own ecommerce site where you invoice and build a customer list), Paid Surveys, Gigs for Cash (Type of work on Sharing Economy Networks), and General (when it doesn’t fit one of the other categories). You can also search this site directly near the top right corner.

Some of these tasks could lead to a full-time income, for instance doing freelance work or Kindle Publishing, but some like doing Paid Surveys won’t, but I think it’s important for you to have as many options as possible.

Hope you find the site useful.

Stanley E Kennedy