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Your Place In Market Research

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A lot of people do not understand why market research, and particularly online surveys, pay out good money for the simple transaction of giving your opinion when it is asked for. It does seem like a very strange situation for those of us who spend a bit of time on the Internet anyway. But that is the key point. As an Internet user, you represent part of the market that big companies are aiming for. People who use the Internet are likely to be young enough and […]

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A World Without Market Research?

If companies had to rely on 100% instinct about the market to which they sell, the damage it could do to their bottom line is significant. As people we are given to be creatures of habit, but these habits can change slightly or radically depending on what we find out as we go through life. A company could easily get a rude awakening for taking public support for granted, and it is important to ensure that public opinion is collected and analyzed rather than simply assumed. Without […]

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