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Getting Paid Just For Giving Your Opinion?

survey2 16 200x200 - Getting Paid Just For Giving Your Opinion?

The online survey has become a big tool for businesses in recent years. There is something about the anonymity of the Internet that makes people a lot more honest – at least, outside the realms of chat rooms, anyway – and honesty is a rare commodity in the world of marketing research. When you think about it, would you give your honest opinion to someone who stopped you in the street and asked you potentially leading questions – especially if you had somewhere else to be. Online […]

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Be Paid For Your Opinion And Help Gather Information

The process of completing an online survey is relatively simple, when looked at objectively, and the benefits for you can go far beyond getting your voice heard by companies and other researchers. Beyond that, there is the chance to actually get paid for doing something that many people are happy to do for free. This is something that cannot be underestimated, particularly when it is taken into account that a survey or two need take no longer than half of your lunch break. It is a way […]

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